Innovative Solutions from Tüpraş for asphalt and isolation applications with Modiphal-T

Developing innovative solutions for asphalt and isolation applications, Tüpraş offers cost effective, long lasting, high quality and high performance products to its customers with modified bitumen products of Modiphal-T project. Modiphal-T product was successfully applied in repairing works of Bursa Highway and maintenance works of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.
Modified bitumen products, developed under Modiphal-T project, which is a part of internal entrepreneurship program of Tüpraş, provide high quality, long lasting and high performing use in asphalt and isolation applications.
Modiphal-T products, which were introduced to the market in 2020, were successfully applied in repairing works of Bursa Highway and maintenance works of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. These products, offering longer use in the roads that they were applied, do also have various advantages, such as less tire trace and thermal cracks as well as low maintenance and repairing costs.
Covering sustainable quality, auditability, corporate service, advanced laboratory and analysis services with CE certificate supported by Tüpraş, Modiphal-T can be used in highways, bridges, crossroads, viaducts, airports as well as in the roads with high traffic concentration and the roads through which heavy loads do pass and in the areas, in which temperature difference is high. Modiphal-T, which is alternatively used in isolation applications performed for water, heat, sound and vibration insulation, continues to be the first choice of customers thanks to its cost advantage, durability and high performance.
Modiphal-T products, introduced to the market as a result of internal entrepreneurship efforts initiated for innovative business models on bitumen, exceed the expectations of customers and achieve a new position in the market and make a significant contribution to entrepreneurship transformation of Tüpraş.
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