Batman Refinery Press Release

To the Attention of the Press and the Public,

Reports of “illegal crude oil to have reached a refinery in Batman” broadcasted by news agencies today have sparked unfounded remarks and speculations in the social media. As a consequence of these allegations, our company considered it necessary to issue a press release regarding the questions that arose. 

All news and allegations in the social media that associate this matter with Tüpraş Batman Refinery are completely wrong and baseless.

The crude oil processed in Batman Refinery is supplied from TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation) and the companies who possess a crude oil production license in Turkey.

Besides, all crude oil processed in other Tüpraş Refineries is also fully supplied from legal sources who are in full compliance with international regulations.

Furthermore, given the fact that refining is a regulated industry in Turkey, all information regarding crude oil supplies to our refineries is shared with relevant government agencies as required by the laws and regulations which ensures full transparency of our operations. As the sole refinery of Turkey to date, in no way does Tüpraş conduct business that is not compliant with national or international laws and regulations.

As a publicly traded company, we keep our legal rights reserved against all material and non-material losses that could be caused directly or indirectly by such falsified news.

Best Regards,