• Integrated Report

    We have designed our 2050 Carbon Neutral target based on the foundations of a clean energy portfolio. We continue to invest in biofuels, zero-carbon electricity, and green hydrogen in line with our core business of sustainable refining.

    Integrated Report

    Since 2007, we have been transparently and comprehensively sharing our activities in the energy sector in our Sustainability Report.

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  • Annual Report

    We have left behind the first year of our Strategic Transformation Journey, which we started with the aim of producing the energy of the future and leading the clean energy transformation of our country. We continue to create value for all our stakeholders with our diversified portfolio in sustainable refining, zero-carbon electricity, green hydrogen and biofuels business areas.

    Annual Report

    Tüpraş is Turkey's largest industrial company with the added value and turnover it creates.

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  • Sustainability Report

    We present the environmental, social and governance impacts of our activities under the headings of our Sustainability Journey, our Sustainability Priorities, Climate and Environmental Management, Management Approach, Human Focus, Social Development, R&D, Innovation and Digitalization and Responsible Value Chain Management, and the related achievements under these areas for the information of our stakeholders.

    Sustainability Report

    We share this year's Sustainability Report, which is an important part of the journey we started with the "Strategic Transformation Plan" announced to the public in 2021, with the motto of "Energy to the Future" in line with the spirit of the change and transformation we are in.

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  • Investor Relations

    Corporate information, reports, historical and related period financial statements and activities, material disclosures that investors need can be accessed from the relevant section of the website.

    Investor Relations

    The company is registered with the Capital Markets Board "CMB" and its shares have been traded on Borsa Istanbul "BIST" since 1991.

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  • Corporate Management

    The parent company of the company, Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş., is controlled by Koç Holding A.Ş., Koç Family and companies owned by them.

    Corporate Management

    In line with the CMB's Corporate Governance Principles, Tüpraş aims to present information that is not a trade secret to shareholders, the public and stakeholders in a timely, accurate, complete, understandable and easily accessible manner.

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İzmit Refinery

İzmit Refinery began production in 1961 with capacity to process 1 million tons/year crude oil. As a result of significant capacity increases and the conversion unit investments over the years, the Refinery's design capacity was registered at 11.3 million tons/year.

Producing to Euro V standards, İzmit Refinery located in a consumption center, accounting for 33% of Turkey's consuption of petroleum products.

İzmir Refinery

With the aim of meeting Turkey's growing requirement for petroleum product, İzmir Refinery was brought intro operation in 1972. The refinery, which stardet production with an annual crude oil processing capacity of  3 million tons is now registered as having an annual refining capacity of 11.9 million tons following significant capacity increases and unit modernizations carried out over the years.

Kırıkkale Refinery

Established in 1986 to meet the petroleum demands of the Ankara, Central Anatolia, Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Black Sea regions, the Kırıkkale Refinery has become a facility with mid level complexity by Mediterranean standards with the addition of hydrocracker, isomerization, diesel desulphurization and CCR reformer units.

Batman Refinery

Commissioned in 1955 with a crude oil processing capacity of 330 thousand tons, the Batman Refinery was the first refinery to be founded in Turkey. Following an initiative to overcome production bottlenecks in 1960 and the commissioning of a new crude oil processing unit in 1972, Batman Refinery’s crude oil processing capacity reached 1.4 million tons/year.

  • Europe's

    7th Largest

    Refinery Company

  • Leader Among Turkey's Top


    Industrial Enterprises

  • World's

    30th Largest

    Refinery Company

  • Koç Group


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