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Social Investments

We aim to channel our industry strength, leadership, and energy to initiatives that promote and support social development. We intend to create sustainable added value with our social investment projects adopting a cooperation model with the business world, public and NGOs and international platforms.

We lead positive change through joint projects, increasing social awareness and creating local solutions to global problems. Acting with a sustainable development approach, we are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Corporate Citizenship Approach

Toplumsal Sorumluluk

We are carrying out projects to support the social development as a responsible corporate citizen in the regions we operate. In addition to generating economic value, we aim to create a better living environment for society through our investment programs.

While running social investment programs in education, gender equality, environmental protection, arts, culture, and sports, we act in cooperation with NGOs and the public to ensure the sustainability of the programs.

Volunteerism at Tüpraş

As a responsible manufacturer, we encourage our employees to volunteer support in our social responsibility projects that align with our corporate culture and values.

Tüpraş Volunteer Teams, consisting of our employees, their families and our business partners, contribute to our social investment programs every year with their experience and expertise. In accordance with our Social Investments and Donation Policy, we support Tüpraş Volunteer Teams to participate in and contribute to NGO programs.


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Latest News

Tüpraş Stands As One With All Its Colleagues For Türkiye

Tüpraş immediately responds to the fuel and emergency needs in the earthquake-hit zones and for the search and rescue teams.

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Tüpraş Achieved Water Savings Equivalent To Annual Water Consumption Of A City With 2.5 Million People In The Last Five Years, Thanks To Its Water Recovery Investments

Tüpraş achieved water savings equivalent to annual water consumption of a city with 2.5 million people in the last five years, thanks to its water recovery investments

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Tüpraş And Batman University Organized “16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Based Violence” Conference With The Participation Un Women

Batman University held a conference to raise awareness as a part of “16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence” with the cooperation of Tüpraş and UN Women.

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Tüpraş Was Named To 2022 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

Tüpraş was included in Bloomberg’s 2022 Global Equality Index (GEI), thanks to its equality, diversity and inclusion efforts in the energy industry.

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Supporting the UN Generation Equality Forum, Action Coalition Commitments

With the motto “Our Energy for Equality Never Ends,” we strive to create an exemplary and leading business environment that supports inclusion, equality and diversity, and to raise social awareness in this regard.

Koç Holding, one of the leaders of UN Women Generation Equality Forum “Technology and Innovation Action Coalition”, launched a campaign for gender equality in technology and innovation. As Tüpraş, we developed the “Women in Technology and Innovation” Social Investment Program to contribute to Koç Holding’s commitments as part of its global leadership in the UN Women’s Generation Equality Forum.

Women in Technology and Innovation

With the Women in Technology and Innovation Program, our aim is to bring out the professional potential of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields and to make it easier for women and girls to access the technology and innovation ecosystem.

We aim to reach a total of 100,000 female students in five years (2022-2026), 90,000 in secondary school and 10,000 in university.

As part of the program, we collaborate with universities, NGOs, social enterprises and public institutions to develop educational content and model practices and support students through scholarship programs.

The Women in Technology and Innovation Program includes the “Innovation in Young Minds and Women Entrepreneurship Program” and the “Feminist Technologies for Gender Equality Internship Program” for university students. It also includes the “Energy to the Future: I Code, I Model, I Produce” and “Our Energy for Students : Science Experiments” programs for primary school students.

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Innovation in the Young Minds and Women - Entrepreneurship Program

The program aims to promote entrepreneurship culture among university students, especially female students, and to provide easier access to the technology and innovation ecosystem for young people. Tüpraş started the “Innovation in Young Minds and Women Entrepreneurship Program” in October 2021 in collaboration with Batman University.

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Feminist Technologies for Gender Equality - Internship Program

The program seeks to help university students gain awareness of inclusion and equality and encourage them to devise solutions from a gender-inclusive perspective.

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Energy to the Future: I Code, I Model, I Produce Program

With this program conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Primary Education, we aim to increase children’s access to design and coding at an early age and thus raise new generations with research, innovative thinking, problem-solving and production skills. We established robotic coding, three-dimensional modeling and production skills classes in 41 primary schools in five provinces. Our “Technology and Design” Workshops established in the earthquake stricken Hatay and Kahramanmaraş Umut Kents are now available for students.

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Our Energy for Students: Science Experiments Program

The Science Experiments Program intends to promote science among primary school students and encourage the development of future scientists. In the program, we explain to the students the ubiquity of science across all areas of life, and that women and men should work together and safely, especially in the world of science. Online trainings were prepared to reach more students.

Global Cooperation with UN Women HeForShe Movement and Fenerbahçe Sports Club

We strive to become a truly inclusive workplace, as a signatory of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (UN WEPs) in 2017. This approach guides us in developing pioneering practices within the company and managing social investment programs that aim to raise awareness in this area.

With this program, we contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 5, Gender Equality. Our longstanding efforts for gender equality have placed us in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index.


Since 2018, we have been working in global cooperation with the UN Women’s HeForShe Movement and Fenerbahçe Sports Club to foster public awareness of gender equality.

This cooperation is the only large-scale commitment in the field of sports on gender equality to date.

Through global collaboration, we aim to raise awareness of gender equality in and through sport, eliminate gender stereotypes in the sport ecosystem, transform harmful social norms and create an inclusive and safe environment for women.


Thanks to this public awareness campaign, which popularly leveraged the slogans “We Are Equal Together” and “Our Energy for Equality Never Ends”, Fenerbahçe Football Team A has featured the HeForShe logo on the right arm of its jersey between 2018 and 2021.

In 2021, as part of the development of gender-sensitive practices Guidelines for Gender-Responsive Sports Organizations was prepared.

In 2022, as part of the development of gender-sensitive practices at the Fenerbahçe Sports Club, a Gender Equality Committee was established, and a Gender Equality Action Plan was developed for the 2022–2025 period.

We became the kit sponsor of Fenerbahçe Sports Club’s five amateur branches (rowing, boxing, table tennis, swimming and athletics) for the 2021–2024 seasons.

In 2022, one hundred and ninety-seven Fenerbahçe Sports Club amateur branch athletes received training on gender equality.

Sponsorships and Partnerships for Development

Contribution to a Sustainable Life

We work to reduce our environmental impact in production and cooperate with various NGOs and institutions to protect natural resources and nature.

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DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA Collaboration

In collaboration with the Deniz Temiz Association/TURMEPA, as part of our sponsorship of DTO Fethiye Waste Reception Boat, we provide a waste reception service with boats to ensure sustainable maritime tourism in Göcek Bay in the bays frequented by yacht and touristic boat owners. As a result, thousands of metric tons of liquid waste have been collected since 2016, reducing the environmental footprint of marine tourism.

Our Culture and Art Sponsorships

With our sustainable development and inclusiveness approach, we continue to support and sponsor various development-oriented programs in culture and arts to raise awareness in society.

Anatolian Civilizations Series

Since 2011, Tüpraş has been striving to introduce the younger generations to the ancient civilizations of Anatolia that left an indelible mark on this historic land in its book series on the Anatolian Civilizations. In collaboration with Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Publications, 11 books have been published so far.

Arter Museum of Contemporary Art

Tüpraş has been the corporate sponsor of Arter Contemporary Art Museum, a Vehbi Koç Foundation institution, since 2019, where young people and children can freely engage with contemporary art. Arter is an accessible and sustainable culture and living platform that covers all disciplines of art through its programs.

Istanbul Theater Festival

IKSV has been organizing the Istanbul Theater Festival for 17 years under sponsors Aygaz, Opet, and Tüpraş of the Koç Holding Energy Group companies. The 26th Istanbul Theater Festival opened its doors to theater lovers from October 25 through November 26, 2022. The festival staged 35 productions. Nearly 25,000 people attended the physical productions of the festival in 2022.

Supporting Local Communities

We carry out programs to support social development primarily in the regions where we operate and provide sponsorships and aid to projects.

Batman Disability Sports Club

We have continued to support the Batman Accessible Sports Club Association since the 2007–2008 season. The club has 52 licensed athletes and continues to play in the league with 23 athletes. It has provided hundreds of young people with disabilities a chance to compete in sports.

Batman Tüpraşspor Soccer Club

We founded the Tüpraşspor Soccer Club in 1995 to offer a platform for talented young people living in Batman to improve through sports in a healthy environment. The Tüpraşspor Soccer Club has 97 athletes (65 licensed, 32 non-licensed) aged 13–19.