Tüpraş has been the sole Turkish company to be included in Bloomberg’s list of “50 Companies to Watch in 2022”

Türkey’s leading energy business Tüpraş, has been the only company from Turkey to be placed in “50 Companies to Watch in 2022” list by Bloomberg. The list, which spanned across top notch global companies, was built by Bloomberg’s expert industry analysts’ opinions.

The analysts of Bloomberg Intelligence tracked 2,000 companies in finance, retail, energy, technology, and more and identified 50 worth watching carefully in the year ahead.

The list published on January 11th, drew special attention to 50 global stocks to keep an eye on.

Tüpraş’s indicators, such as 2020 sales growth (%), 3-year annualized total return (%), 12-month sales ($M) and female board membership were presented in the list.

Analysts commented that “strong 2022 rebound may be in the cards for the Turkish refiner, reflecting a return to full utilization of refining capacity and increasing fuel demand”.

Tüpraş announced its strategic transformation plan in November 2021,aiming to lead the future energy industry, as well. As part of its strategic plan, the company plans an annual average investment of $350 million, with approximately $5 billion by 2035 and $10 billion by 2050 in total.

When building the list, the analysts considered factors such as growth prospects, management changes, and planned releases of noteworthy products and services.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was also important, as were growing sales of electric vehicles, the transition to clean energy and opportunities in the metaverse.