Tüpraş opens a new era with digital customer experience applications

Implementing pioneering applications in customer experience with customer-focused digitalization projects, Tüpraş has started to provide contactless services in truck loading applications and implemented Truck Driver Portal Mobile Application and Loading Appointment System.

Tüpraş, the leading energy corporation of Turkey that gives priority to digitalization and innovation in all of its processes, carries the customer experience to a different dimension with its technology investments. Tüpraş is designing an end-to-end digital customer experience in all of its customer processes as a part of its digital and sustainable refining operations.

Contactless Truck Loading and Sales Project, Truck Loading Appointment System, and Truck Driver Portal Mobile Application, which were implemented for this purpose, reduce contact by regulating the entrance of trucks to the loading area and thus eliminate waits. It is planned to implement the Contactless Truck Loading and Sales Project, which was initially implemented in Izmit Refinery in December 2021, in all refineries until 2023.

Contactless Truck Loading and Sales Digitalization Project, which can run integrated with the recently implemented TAS (Terminal Automation System) infrastructure, SAP system, Truck Driver Portal, and Customer Portal Loading Appointment application, enables the management of the truck driver experience through kiosks, mobile application, and Tüpraş Solution Call Center without any human contact.

It is also planned to extend the Contactless Truck Loading and Sales Project, which is the first in the refining industry, in the future by integrating this system into railway/pipeline and marine loading processes.

Truck Driver Portal Mobile Application allows drivers to access necessary information and announcements immediately. The application that allows mutual and continuous communication will continue to be developed continuously based on the needs of drivers, and it is aimed to achieve efficient process management with the loading appointment system for customers and truck drivers who have placed an order through the system of Tüpraş.

Stating that they have developed customer-focused digital experience and sales approaches in “sustainable refining,” one of the operational areas that the company has focused on for its strategic transformation plans for the future, Özgür Kahramanzade, Assistant General Manager of Tüpraş for Sales and Marketing, said: “‘Being a Hero of the Customer’ lies at the heart of our customer-centered digital transformation story. We care a lot about this area, and we aim to be the leading and model company with customer solutions. We offer more than 30 Tüpraş products to our more than one thousand corporate customers from public and private industries in 12 different points of sale. We aim to work with flexibility to provide the most suitable solution quickly for our customers. The process is converted to a value at the moment we deliver our product to our customer. We configure all our processes in a customer-oriented way, and we implement continuous training programs for Tüpraş staff, who are the heroes of their customers. The ultimate target of all our processes is our customers.”

Saying that they have already started many projects, which form the foundations of digital sales and marketing, Kahramanzade added: “We have developed initial examples of our transformation projects, which can be considered as a pioneer in the world for our industry, and we will continue to expand the scope and volume of our services, which we provide both through our website and customer portal. Correct measurement of customer satisfaction and defining market expectations and trends and timely development of working methods and infrastructure solutions in accordance with these expectations are the keys to sustainable success. We try to process customer feedback, which is the most fundamental input for our business, correctly and determine areas of improvement accordingly.”

“We will build the customer-focused experience of the future with the guidance of our stakeholders.”

Regarding customer experience projects of Tüpraş, Kahramanzade said, “Digitalization and digital transformation are always the most prioritized topics on our agenda. We plan to integrate the Contactless Truck Loading and Sales Project, which was implemented recently, also with railway, pipeline, and marine loading processes soon. Truck Driver Portal Mobile Application is another application that we provide to our customers through Appstore/Play Store. We will continue to improve this application in accordance with the requirements of our customers as we do in the Customer Portal. We will also improve these projects with different digital customer experience projects and carry them forward.”