Tüpraş R&D Fuel-Up Biofuel Project Receives €1 Million in Funding from the European Commission

With the vision to generate the energy of the future, Tüpraş is launching a key R&D project aiming the exploitation of new routes for the conversion of alternative biofeedstocks into aviation and shipping fuels. Tüpraş R&D biofuel project Fuel-Up secured €1 million in funding from the European Commission and became one of the two Turkish companies among the 1972 organizations and 118 projects to receive funding under “Horizon Europe – call for sustainable, secure, and competitive energy supply.”

Tüpraş continues to cement its progress through sustainable business models and innovative projects initiated as part of its 2050 Strategic Transformation Plan. The company obtained €1 million in funding from the European Commission for its biofuel R&D project, Fuel-Up, under “Horizon Europe – call for sustainable, secure, and competitive energy supply.” With an outstanding performance among the 1972 organizations and 118 projects competing in Horizon Europe, Tüpraş became one of the two Turkish companies to receive funding.

The Fuel-Up project aims to utilize pyrolysis (thermal cracking) liquids obtained from 100% biogenic (non-fossil) residues as an alternative feedstock. Demo scale production of renewable maritime and aviation fuel is targeted by the end of the project. With a total budget of 9 million € for the 4-year project duration, 70% of the 1.5 million € allocated for Tüpraş activities will be supported by the European Commission.

Tüpraş to Investigate Biomass Residues Stemmed from Forestry and Agricultural Activities in Türkiye

In pursuit of its vision of becoming a significant sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) manufacturer in Türkiye, Tüpraş signed a license agreement with Honeywell in late 2022 regarding the use of the UOP Ecofining™ technology. The company’s investments aim to process 400,000 metric tons of biofuel raw materials in 2030 and to triple its SAF manufacturing capacity as of 2035.

To become the largest SAF supplier in Türkiye, the company runs R&D projects on emerging technologies with alternative raw materials. The Fuel-Up project will research low-emission and high-value-added fuel production using forestry and agricultural waste, which are biomass resources having significant potential in Türkiye but are not commonly converted into valuable goods.

Prioritizing its focus on high efficiency at low cost through innovative processes, the company will undertake key responsibilities in reducing long-term dependency on waste animal fat and vegetable oils. In Fuel-Up project Tüpraş will enhance the characteristics of oils produced from woody sources and lay out the roadmap for converting them into biofuels. Solutions offered in Fuel-Up project will enhance the rapid adaptation of refineries to produce low carbon fuels complying with environmental regulations.

Tüpraş to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Marine Fuel and Naphtha

Direct processing in refineries through current methods remains ineffective due to high oxygen content and the abrasive quality of oils produced from forestry and agricultural waste. Processing such oils with current methods also negatively impacts the ensuring fuel quality. Catalyst development research by the Fuel-Up project partners combined with Tüpraş's refining expertise will generate solutions to eliminate drawbacks in processing.

In addition to contributing Tüpraş progress in the 2050 Sustainable Transformation Plan, this step will play a key role in R&D to convert alternative biofeedstocks into sustainable fuels. The method developed for the conversion of wood-based oils into biofuels in the Fuel-Up project will undergo validation at pre-commercialization stage, facilitating the production of sustainable aviation fuel, marine diesel, and naphtha.

Throughout the process, the quality assessment of the produced fuels will pave the way for the standardization of the new production method.

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