Announcement (6) regarding the incident at Tüpraş İzmir Refinery

We are deeply saddened to lose four of our colleagues following the incident that took place in İzmir Refinery on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 09.25 during post-maintenance work carried out in a product tank. They could not be saved despite all the efforts of our Technical Safety and Search & Rescue teams along with healthcare workers. We remember Kemal Şaşmazer, Yusuf Kepenek, Mehmet Karademir and Mehmet Dere with gratitude, and wish our heartfelt sympathies to their families and our colleagues.

There are many areas of expertise and positions within our refinery work scheme, which are different but work in an integrated manner. All work groups are taken into the field after they are trained and their competence are built.

All employees, working at our refineries to continue production to meet the energy needs of our country, are subject to the same rules without discrimination in the form of contractor or Tüpraş employee, and each individual is regarded as a member of the Tüpraş family.

The selection and evaluation process of all Tüpraş employees is managed with very clear and defined procedures and practices, and work safety criteria is one of the most important and uncompromising part of this process. Our workplace rules and our sensitivity to health & safety are clearly communicated to each contractor employee, and their competence are improved through compulsory and further training to increase experience.

Sustainability of production is achieved by long-term high-cost investment projects. The form and intensity of work change for shutdowns and maintenance that ensure safe work in daily operational activities. While managing and developing the refineries with long-term investment projects, we work with expert contractors who are experienced in their field for planned shutdowns and work that require specialist expertise.

Regarding the unfortunate incident, Tüpraş will review all its processes & work structure and fulfill all its responsibilities for the employees who lost their lives and injured in the event, and will stand with the families who lost their loved ones.

Once again we wish the deceased to rest in peace, and wish strength and patience to their families.

Corporate Communications Department