One More Incentive to Tüpraş from EU Horizon 2020 for a CO2 Utilization Project

Tüpraş participated in the "COZMOS" R&D project and received the highest score among the project applications for the ‘Conversion of Captured Carbon Dioxide’ call, entitling it to support within the scope of Horizon 2020 Program, Europe's most important research and innovation program.

Tüpraş, in alignment with its digital transformation strategy and evolving global trends, has prioritized technology investments and continues to garner attention with its R&D projects.

The company, which has already been involved in 7 projects within Horizon 2020, Europe's most comprehensive Research and Innovation Program, has now received additional support for its R&D project named “COZMOS,” which brings together the expertise of 11 partners from 9 countries.

The “COZMOS” (Efficient CO2 conversion over multisite Zeolite-Metal nanocatalysts to fuels and OlefinS) project has received a score of 14.5 over 15, which has been the highest among the project applications in the scope of the “Conversion of Captured Carbon Dioxide” call. The COZMOS project has a total budget of 4 million Euros, 100% of which is supported by the European Union. Tüpraş has a share of 776,375 Euros of this budget.

With this project, Tüpraş will take a role in developing innovative technologies for converting waste carbon dioxide into value-added products.

COZMOS stands out with its environmental aspect. The project aims to develop innovative technologies for the efficient conversion of carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes into fuels. Performance tests of the developed catalysts will be conducted by the researchers at Tüpraş in the pilot test system, which will be established within the Tüpraş R&D Center facilities. Tüpraş will play an important role in this multinational project and have the opportunity to test this technology firsthand.