Online Work Experience and Summer Internship Opportunity from Tüpraş for Young Talents

University students attend online trainings and projects and experience remote working during the pandemic as part of the “Nextremers” program, developed by Tüpraş. They will also have an opportunity to complete their summer internships remotely by working online, in accordance with the internship program to be implemented in August.

Integrating digital technologies to its business processes, Tüpraş continues with its projects for university students online during the pandemic as a part of its talent management efforts. “Nextremers Project Student Program”, the young talents program of Tüpraş that offers a real working environment experience for university students, continues to support the development of students with its online trainings and contents during the pandemic.

Students continued to receive online trainings and supported their departments while experiencing remote working as a part of “Nextremers” program implemented by Tüpraş Head Office in Izmit, Izmir and Kırıkkale Refineries. They have also completed their innovative idea creation trainings that they received during the pandemic. “Nextremers” project students will continue with their developments with design focused thinking trainings. They will contribute to the efforts to design the experience of “Nextremers” who will join the program in the new period, with the projects that they will develop.

More than 4,500 juniors and seniors, who wanted to take their first step of their careers in Tüpraş and to be a part of “Nextremers” program, applied to the project between 23 February and 15 March. The students, who were evaluated during the pandemic days through digital tools by taking their skills and qualifications into consideration and who were accepted for the last phase, continue to join individual interview, which are performed digitally. Nextremers of the new period will be selected at the end of July after their evaluations are completed.

Online Summer Internship Program begins in August

In addition to “Nextremers” program, university students who will begin their summer internship in Tüpraş in August and September, will have an opportunity to complete their internships online by working remotely. 300 university students will have online summer internship experience in Tüpraş after evaluating approximately 5,600 applications. These students will begin their internship with an orientation training and then they will have an opportunity to know Tüpraş better with group mentorship support to be provided to them. Interns will develop project ideas specific for Tüpraş regarding Sustainable Development Goals during their internships. They will also receive supporting trainings when developing their projects and present their ideas to committees to be composed of mentors and managers of Tüpraş. Following these studies, the students will then have a chance to be a candidate directly for Nextremers Young Talents Program that will be opened for 2021.

Ahmet Aksoy, Human Resources Director of Tüpraş: “We always care to meet with students, to welcome them in our corporate, to learn from them and to develop together with them. Our students, who joined us with Nextremers Project Student Program, which we implemented in 2019, continue to learn the business life in Tüpraş, closely before they are graduated. Another area that we work together with the young talents is internship programs. University students that were planned to join us in August will complete their summer internships online by working remotely as a result of New Normal. We are excited to meet with the students and learn from their ideas”.