Stadler announces first ever contract in Turkey for Körfez Ulaştırma, which seals their biggest locomotive purchase

Stadler, in partnership with Turkish rail freight operator Körfez Ulaştırma, has announced a contract for seven hybrid locomotives of the EURODUAL type, to be utilized in rail freight transport services in Turkey. The agreement also includes an eight-year maintenance contract.

Stadler and Körfez Ulaştırma, the logistics subsidiary of Turkey's largest refinery Tüpraş, have signed a contract for the supply of seven Co'Co' hybrid locomotives of the EURODUAL type, along with spare parts and an eight-year full-service maintenance agreement. The first locomotive is scheduled for delivery by 2021, as per the contract terms.

These versatile locomotives mark a significant milestone as the first hybrid locomotives in Turkey. Körfez Ulaştırma will employ them in freight transport services, combining both 25 kV AC electric and diesel operating modes on steep-gradient routes where strong traction force is essential. The new EURODUAL locomotives will operate singly, hauling trains weighing up to 2000 tons of fuel products, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of the Turkish rail operator. The EURODUAL boasts a power range of 2.8 MW in diesel-electric operation and 6.15 MW in electric catenary operation, along with an exceptional tractive effort of up to 500 kN, facilitated by six-powered axles and a state-of-the-art adhesion control system.

With this contract, the number of locomotives sold from the new generation of Co'Co' locomotives developed and manufactured by Stadler Valencia reaches 74 units.

Körfez Ulaştırma is the first private operator in Turkey to secure a license for freight transportation, a significant development since the government began issuing licenses for mainline usage two years ago.

Iñigo Parra, Managing Director of Stadler Valencia, emphasized the project's importance and the advantages of the new platform: "We are proud to expand the market for EURODUAL locomotives to Turkey and appreciate the trust of our client. The agreement reaffirms our commitment to developing this new locomotive family, offering rail operators numerous economic and environmental benefits."

Tufan Başarır, General Manager of Körfez Ulaştırma, stated: "We are rapidly expanding our resources to increase our share in the rail freight market and are proud to have concluded this agreement with Stadler, a reputable player in the railway industry. This deal signifies the supply of the first batch of imported locomotives into Turkey for a private sector player. The addition of powerful EURODUAL locomotives to our fleet will support our rail operations, providing us with a strong competitive advantage."

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About Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Tüpraş, Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş. is the first private railway operator in Turkey. The company commenced operations in December 2017 and has transported approximately 3 million tons of products to date. Körfez Ulaştırma was established to maximize the rail mode transportation of Tüpraş loads and to further expand transportation of other goods, thereby playing a vital role in increasing Turkey’s rail freight transport volume and share. With a total of 439 owned wagons, along with some rented wagons leased from the market and 10 owned/leased locomotives, Körfez Ulaştırma continues to expand its operations.

About Tüpraş (Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.Ş.)
Operating four oil refineries with a total annual crude oil processing capacity of 30 million tons, Tüpraş is the first and largest producer in Turkey’s refining sector and the largest industrial enterprise in the country. Tüpraş is part of the Koç Group, a Fortune Global 500 company and Turkey's leading conglomerate. Tüpraş has a subsidiary in sea transportation - Ditaş, a subsidiary in railway transportation - KUAŞ (Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş.), and an affiliate in the fuel oil distribution sector - Opet. As Europe's seventh-largest refining company, Tüpraş operates as an integrated oil company with distribution, shipping, railway, and trading arms. 49% of its shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Tüpraş supplies 45 different types of petroleum products in Turkey, serving a wide range of customers including transportation fuel, LPG, bunker fuel, mineral oil distribution firms, the petrochemical industry, paint industry, and various state entities.

About Stadler
Stadler, an international rail vehicle construction company, is headquartered in Bussnang, Eastern Switzerland. Founded in 1942, it boasts a workforce of over 8,500 individuals based in various production facilities and over 40 service locations. Stadler offers an extensive range of products in the heavy and urban transport sectors, including high-speed trains, intercity trains, regional and commuter heavy rail trains, underground trains, tram trains, and trams. Stadler also manufactures main-line locomotives, shunting locomotives, and passenger carriages, including the most powerful diesel-electric locomotive in Europe. The company leads the world in rack-and-pinion rail vehicle manufacturing.