The final book in the Anatolian Civilizations Series: Pamphylia — Harmony of the Peoples on the Fertile Plain

Tüpraş and Yapı Kredi Unveil the Last Book of the Anatolian Civilizations Series, an international 12-part co-publication since 2011.

The 12th and final book in the Anatolian Civilizations Series, a notable collaboration of Tüpraş and Yapı Kredi Culture, Arts and Publishing,“Pamphylia: Harmony of the Peoples on the Fertile Plain” is now available.

Launched in 2011 as an international publishing project, the Anatolian Civilizations Series included previous installments such as “Urartians,” “Phrygians,” “Hittites,” “Pergamon,” “Lycians,” “Persians,” “Assyrians,” “Anatolia in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods,” “Carians,” “Anatolia in the Byzantine Period,” and “Ionians.”

Tüpraş Corporate Communications Manager Çiler Şengelir Teber commented on the last installment and noted that Anatolia, a land that has hosted many civilizations, holds an important place in history for its natural fertility and rich cultural heritage: “As an energy company in Koç Group, we believe that these lands, which serve as scenery to a unique treasure, are the shared cultural heritage of all humanity, and not just ours. At Tüpraş, we adopt a sustainable approach while producing Türkiye’s energy. On our journey to lead the country’s clean energy transformation and produce the energy of the future, we see it as our responsibility to our nation to support projects that protect and pass on our historical wealth to future generations. In cooperation with Yapı Kredi Publishing, we launched the Anatolian Civilizations Series 11 years ago to shed light on the historical and cultural past of this cradle of civilizations. Today, we are delighted to add another work to this series, to carve all research and studies in stone. With the final book of the series, ‘Pamphylia: Harmony of the Peoples on the Fertile Plain,’ we are once again excited to help introduce the civilizations who once called these lands home, both domestically and internationally. I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions.”

Classical archaeology research in the Pamphylia region by Professor Ordinarius Arif Müfid Mansel constitutes one of the most significant achievements of the national archaeological efforts initiated in the Republic of Türkiye under the leadership of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The series’ final book, which was edited and coordinated by Nihat Tekdemir and prepared by Aşkım Özdizbay and İpek Dağlı, is titled “Pamphylia,” which can be translated as the “land of all peoples (tribes).” This name reflects an inclusive land inherently home to many different peoples and cultures, rather than a specific ethnic origin.

According to recent studies, Pamphylia was not solely host to the ancient Greek nor the ancient Anatolian cultures. True to its name, the region boasts a unique culture, nestled among the Taurus Mountains on three sides and stretching down to the Mediterranean's natural southern border.

The articles in the book primarily focus on the history and archaeology of cities and rural settlements located on the plain in the heart of the region, along the coast by the plain, and in the mountains rising above the plain.

The list of books in the series:

  1. Urartu – Transformation in the East
  2. Phrygians: In the Land of Midas, In the Shadow of Monuments
  3. Hittites – An Anatolian Empire
  4. Pergamon – A Hellenistic Capital in Anatolia
  5. From Lukka to Lycia – The Land of Sarpedon and St. Nicholas
  6. The Persians – Power and Glory in Anatolia
  7. The Assyrians – Kingdom of the God of Assur from Tigris to Taurus
  8. Hellenistic and Roman Anatolia Kings, Emperors, City States
  9. The Carians: From Seafarers to City Builders
  10. Anatolia in The Byzantine Period
  11. Ionians: The Sages of the Aegean Shore
  12. Pamphylia – Harmony of the Peoples on the Fertile Plain