Tüpraş aims to meet innovative entrepreneurs through Etohum

Tüpraş, the leader of Turkey’s energy industry, has become a member of Etohum as part of its efforts to integrate with the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
A shaper of entrepreneurship in Turkey since 2008, Etohum is a marketing place that aspires to connect companies, investors, and professionals with successful, new economy-savvy entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own online businesses. Every year, Etohum evaluates thousands of applications from Turkey and the rest of the world.
Seeking to maintain closer communication with the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to coordinate with innovative ventures and the start-up network at an early stage, Tüpraş aims to achieve early access to digital technologies via Etohum. 
The company also launched an in-house portal called Idea Unit, a space where innovative ideas can be shared. This supports viable business ideas and creates value in growth areas through the implementation of new business models. Intrapreneurship teams are working on priority ideas. 
Etohum Tüpraş website goes live
Tüpraş has established a new channel through Etohum that ensures entrepreneurs can communicate their innovative ideas to Tüpraş in specific focus areas. 
Tüpraş aims to collaborate with entrepreneurs who develop innovative solutions in areas including data analytics, decision support systems, alternative energy, advanced 3D materials, occupational health and safety, process safety solutions, asset management, cybersecurity, wearable technologies, innovative reporting systems, digital education systems, and field/refinery tracking. 
The entrepreneurs selected by Etohum will have the opportunity to present their innovative ideas and solutions to the Tüpraş teams at an early stage.

Tüpraş page: https://etohum.com/tupras

About Etohum
Founded in 2008, Etohum is an early-stage investment company that aims to connect successful entrepreneurs specializing in internet and technology with companies, angel investors, and other professionals. Etohum has organized many large-scale events, such as Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul. It provides training and mentoring on capital, management, marketing, and other areas to entrepreneurs who want to establish their own internet and technology companies. Alongside its Investors’ Club, which was accredited in 2013 by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, Etohum is one of Turkey’s leading startup accelerators and early-stage investors, and strives to create more internet companies and improve Turkey’s internet ecosystem. www.etohum.com