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Tüpraş Becomes The Title Sponsor For The Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club’s (JK) Stadium


Beşiktaş JK, one of Türkiye’s most-established sports clubs with a history spanning over 120 years, agreed with Türkiye’s leading industrial company Tüpraş for the title sponsorship of Beşiktaş Stadium. Beşiktaş Stadium will be named “Tüpraş Stadium” for a three-year period as part of the sponsorship agreement. The press conference at Beşiktaş Stadium regarding the sponsorship agreement welcomed Beşiktaş JK Chairman Ahmet Nur Çebi, Koç Holding Energy Group President Yağız Eyüboğlu, Tüpraş General Manager İbrahim Yelmenoğlu and members of Beşiktaş Board of Directors as well as managers from Tüpraş and Beşiktaş JK.

Çebi: “This is a cooperation between two national giants in two different fields. I would like to particularly thank Mr. Rahmi Koç and the Koç Group family.”

During the press meeting, Beşiktaş JK Chairman Ahmet Nur Çebi explained the careful selection process and noted that they sought a brand and an agreement that would primarily protect the rights of Beşiktaş JK: “We underwent negotiations with various brands for the title sponsorship of our stadium, some of which was inaccurately speculated on by the media. Eventually, we agreed with the national industrial giant Tüpraş given the financial benefits and reputation it contributed. Essentially, this is a cooperation between two national giants in two different fields. I would like to particularly thank Koç Holding Honorary Chair, Rahmi Koç, who has been the supportive big brother of Beşiktaş for over 60 years, and the Koç Group family. This sponsorship is accredited to the Beşiktaş family. It represents the support our dear Beşiktaş family has for the Beşiktaş Gymnastic Club.

Çebi remarked that they knew that patience would bear strong results, and continued: “On behalf of our family, I would like to thank each of the organizations with whom we negotiated regarding title sponsorship. It is well-known that Beşiktaş JK does not pursue financial gain as the sole outcome of sponsorships. We highly value aligning our corporate reputation and corporate culture. It brings me great satisfaction to report that our agreement with Tüpraş has also been financially fulfilling. Our Board of Directors is content to yield the fruits of our patience and composure. I hope this agreement brings good luck to both organizations and to our whole family.”

‘Energy to the Future’…

During the event, Tüpraş General Manager İbrahim Yelmenoğlu reiterated that they continuously support sports events as they ar key social platforms with the power to unite masses of people, saying: "As Türkiye's leading industrial company, we are thrilled and proud to be the stadium title sponsor of Beşiktaş JK. I am confident that our cooperation will help reach wider audiences with our sustainability strategy and corresponding actions under the slogan, ‘Energy to the Future.’ On behalf of the Tüpraş family, I hope this favorable cooperation brings good luck to both our country and our national sports.”

We are carrying out many significant projects in areas such as education, health, arts, and sports to support the development of our country.

Yelmenoğlu also underscored that Tüpraş has been steadily pursuing its Strategic Transformation Plan and 2050 Carbon Neutral goal, which is built around the energy resources of the future, to guide the transformation of clean energy in Türkiye: “We provide continuous energy to our country while focusing on new fields of business that will generate the energy of the future. Powered by our experience of over 60 years, Tüpraş of the future will rise on a strong foundation. Aware of our responsibility toward future generations, we attach great importance to reaching wider audiences in all our efforts. I am confident that this cooperation with Beşiktaş JK will help us in this regard. We keep in mind that social development is much more than economic development alone, and it must be powered by further improvement in all aspects of social life from education to health, arts and culture, and sports. We are carrying out many significant projects in various areas to support the development of our country. Sports, and particularly soccer, offer a key platform that can reach all layers of society to raise awareness of our sustainability goals. We are willing to initiate many new projects to this end in cooperation with Beşiktaş JK. We are looking forward to celebrating new sports achievements from our national teams and from all athletes to whom we lend a hand.”