Tüpraş celebrates April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day at the 12th Children’s Festival


Leading company in Türkiye’s energy industry, Tüpraş energizes the community spirit with ongoing social responsibility initiatives. The 12th Tüpraş Batman Refinery Children’s Festival was celebrated at National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23, gathering together over 1,500 children to enjoy a day of fun-filled activities at the now traditional event.

Embracing its slogan, “Energy to the Future,” Tüpraş not only generates energy for Türkiye but also drives numerous social benefit projects. The company organized the 12th Tüpraş Batman Refinery Children’s Festival to celebrate April 23, the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, a gift to our children from our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic.

The event at the Tüpraş Batman Social Facilities welcomed a large audience including over 1,500 students between the ages of 7 and 11 from ten local primary schools in addition to the children of Batman Refinery employees.

Tüpraş management was accompanied by Dr. Ayten Canalp, the spouse of the Batman Governor; Beşir Tileği, Deputy Provincial Director of National Education; and Prof. Idris Demir, PhD, the Batman University Rector, along with his spouse Zeynep Demir, at the event co-hosted by the Batman Governorship and the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

A total of 70 Tüpraş volunteers from Batman and other refineries - Izmit, Izmir, and Kırıkkale - assisted 70 teachers in managing the festivities. Children were escorted from their schools to the entertainment area at the Tüpraş Batman Refinery social facilities, guided by their teachers and Tüpraş volunteers. At the day’s end, they were safely returned to their schools.

The event is a testament to the strong collaboration among the Batman Governorship, the Provincial Directorate of National Education, local school administrators and teachers, NGOs, Tüpraş volunteers, and families. It has been recognized at the “Top Koç Performers,” which celebrates outstanding projects within the Koç Group.

The April 23 Batman Children's Festival has entertained nearly 25000 children to date.

The April 23 Batman Children’s Festival has become a cornerstone event for the community in Batman as one of the longest-lasting social projects by Tüpraş. This event warmly welcomes children from local schools and employees’ families, and to date, it has brought joy to nearly 25,000 children.

Children were captivated by animators and live performances in play areas arranged within the Tüpraş facilities.

At the Tüpraş Batman Refinery festival grounds, children enjoyed a fun-filled day with numerous toys and treats as well as an array of lively activities and stage performances by animators. A special highlight was the opportunity to capture these moments in a photo beside a commemorative Atatürk display, specially designed for the occasion of April 23.

While the April 23 Children’s Festival at Batman Refinery attracts wide interest from local communities, Tüpraş facilities in Izmit, Kırıkkale and Izmir refineries also organize events for employees’ children.

Driven by a people-oriented perspective that aims to boost social benefit, Tüpraş is dedicated to creating lasting value in the regions it operates, promoting solidarity and cultural development.