Tüpraş Continues to Expand its Product Range with Corporate Entrepreneurship Projects

Tüpraş added a new product to its product portfolio thanks to “Modiphal-T Project”, which was initiated as a part of its corporate entrepreneurship program and sold its first modified bitumen, in scope of this project.

Handling its entrepreneurship and innovation strategies through a holistic perspective, Tüpraş continues to strengthen its leading mission in the industry with the projects it has implemented. Corporate Entrepreneurship Program, which was initiated in 2017 throughout the company, intends to use current resources of the company in various business areas. Tüpraş employees work on their own ideas as an entrepreneur and try to convert and implement them as a sustainable and scalable business model as a part of this program.

Projects are evaluated in terms of their compliance with the strategy, their innovation level, revenue potential and compliance with the company’s fundamental qualifications and resources, as well as in terms of their commercial, scalability and technical features during preliminary evaluation phase. Projects that are found as sustainable, fast-growing and capable to create new areas of growth as a result of such evaluation are approved by Tüpraş Innovation Committee.

All internal entrepreneurs who participated in the program receive entrepreneurship methodologies training and entrepreneurship mentoring support from mentors. Additionally, these entrepreneurship projects are closely monitored by top and medium-level management during the pilot phase and they are sponsored.

Modiphal-T project has become one of the projects that have successfully completed all phases of Corporate Entrepreneurship program and resulted successfully. The modified bitumen, which was sold for the first time, and Polymer Modified Bitumen, specifications of which were improved and which performs better, has been added to Tüpraş product range.

Corporate entrepreneurship efforts, which were initiated with innovative business models and asphalt, continued with learnings from discussions with customers and stakeholders, market and competitor researches and entrepreneurship methods and resulted with the introduction of modified bitumen products to the market. Modiphal-T project will not only make a contribution to entrepreneurship transformation of Tüpraş but also to its entrance to a new market by expanding its product range.