Tüpraş continues to focus on water efficiency and reuse with innovative and digital technologies while producing the energy of the future

Tüpraş saved water equivalent to 1.1 million
people’s annual consumption in 5 years

Tüpraş, continuing its investments in wastewater reuse and water efficiency projects, recycled 87 millions ton of water, equilent to the annual consumption of a city with a population of 1.1 million, over 5 years. The company's latest goal is to conserve 600,000 metric tons of water in 2024 through its innovative and digital water efficiency projects.

While, Tüpraş places paramount importance on conserving natural resources, enhancing recovery efforts, promoting wastewater reuse, and preserving biodiversity with a sense of responsible consumption, the company also leverages digital technologies, monitors its environmental performance to drive continuous enhancement and development. 
As part of Koç Holding’s initiated carbon transformation program, Tüpraş continues its efforts in line with its water roadmap, which is created in alignment with the 2050 carbon neutral strategy for sustainable use of natural resources and protection against the effects of climate change..
Tüpraş General Manager, İbrahim Yelmenoğlu, underscores the company’s commitment: “In 2024, we target conserving 600,000 metric tons of water through our advanced digital water efficiency initiatives.”
Tüpraş General Manager, İbrahim Yelmenoğlu, remarked: “We remain steadfast in our pursuit of the Strategic Transition Plan initiated in 2022 alongside our Energy to the Future” initiative, aimed at spearheading the transformation of Turkey’s energy sector. With the contribution of our investments in new energy sources and energy efficiency projects, we have committed to reduce the carbon emissions arising from our activities by 27 percent by 2030 compared to 2017 and to become carbon neutral by 2050. Sustainable refinery practices and resource efficiency will be pivotal in achieving this objective.” He further added:
“We consider the consequences of climate change when exploiting current and future water resources to protect the water and the ecosystem. Through our Water Roadmap, aligned with our 2050 Carbon-Neutrality Strategy, we emphasize water efficiency, recovery initiatives, symbiosis applications, and biodiversity preservation, all aimed at ensuring the sustainable utilization of natural resources. We are the first industrial company in Türkiye to become a member of Water Europe, the leading stakeholder of the European water market and a key influencer of European water management policies. We have set a target of conserving 600,000 tons of water in the year 2024. To achieve this goal, we organize workshops in our refineries, implement innovative and digital water projects that enhance water reuse systems to maximize recovery, and promote raw water savings.”
“Notably, Tüpraş achieved significant success by earning a “B” rating in both the “Water Security” and “Climate Change” programs of the CDP Carbon Disclosure Project.
Yelmenoğlu underscored Tüpraş’s significant achievement in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), stating, “Through our sustainable management of natural resources, we received a ‘B’ rating at the Management Level during our inaugural year in 2023 in both the Water Security and Climate Change programs conducted by the CDP, an organization encompassing over 21,000 reporting companies. We stand out as one of the leading companies in the petroleum sector assessed in the “Water Security” program by the CDP. With our company’s outstanding rating in the sector, we are steadfast in our endeavors to join the ranks of global leaders through our continued environmental reporting in the years ahead.”
We support the development of water technologies through digital and innovative practices
Tüpraş remains dedicated to pioneering innovative technologies for wastewater recovery and water efficiency, as part of its membership in the EU-supported Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe initiatives. Additionally, as part of its open innovation efforts, the company focuses on wastewater management and recovery optimization.
Furthermore, the Wastewater Recovery Unit at the İzmit Refinery enables Tüpraş to enhance raw water efficiency by reintegrating used water into operations, thereby contributing to process improvements. The reuse of treated wastewater from İzmit Gulf Municipality in refinery processes is a noteworthy example of a practice where the concept of ‘industrial symbiosis’ in water management is implemented.
International World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22nd to draw attention to the importance of freshwater resources and to promote their sustainable management. UN-Water commemorates World Water Day annually, each time with a different theme. For the year 2024, it has announced “Leveraging Water for Peace” as its designated theme.