Tüpraş Establishes Fire Safety Training Center at Its Izmir Refinery

Tüpraş is embarking on a pioneering effort to raise awareness of and competence in fire control. Turkey’s first and only training facilities accredited by the International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management (JOIFF), Tüpraş Izmir Refinery Fire Safety Training Center will organize internationally certified fire safety training courses to set sail as the flagship of industrial fire control in Turkey.

Further advancing safety-oriented activities, Tüpraş initiates internationally certified fire safety training sessions at its Izmir Refinery. Pursuing the corporate mission to pioneer industrial safety in Turkey, the company embarks on organizing fire control and search and rescue training for its corporate emergency response teams.

Tüpraş is preparing to launch JOIFF (International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management)-certified industrial fire safety and search and rescue training sessions with skilled trainers and will raise awareness and competency on fire control across many industries.

“Our goal is to train employees who are competent in emergency response in industrial facilities”

Tüpraş Technical Safety Director Pınar Çağdaş Duran explained that they offer applied training courses built around numerous challenging scenarios at the 11 fire control and five industrial rescue training stations at the Izmir Refinery. She further elaborated: “Our fire control training sessions focus on fighting strategies and methods against different types of industrial fires including flash fires, jet fires, spill fires, full surface tank fires, and fires in confined spaces. These courses encompass fire types and classes, fire protective gear, the description and use of fire control equipment, team formation, and team coordination. Our priority target audience includes the oil and natural gas industry, industrial facilities, public organizations and institutions, students in firefighting programs, the State Airports Authority, and port authorities.

Training sessions will improve the basic and advanced skills in industrial fire control, search and rescue, and rope access for firefighters employed at industrial facilities and municipalities.

When better equipped, teams will respond more efficiently, safely, and accurately to emergencies in their facilities. With the correct intervention methods, we will help facilities overcome emergencies while ensuring they minimize damage. We also believe that this improvement will enhance the trust in and satisfaction of emergency response teams. Internationally acknowledged certificates, on the other hand, will contribute to trainees’ job prospects in Turkey and abroad. We will have thus provided skilled first responders to a wide range of industries and will raise awareness among trained persons and organizations.”

Tüpraş: Turkey’s first and only JOIFF-accredited training facility

The Tüpraş Izmir Refinery Fire Safety Training Center is the first and only JOIFF-accredited training facility in Turkey. JOIFF was established in the United Kingdom in 1990 to help share the fire protection experiences and know-how of fire experts employed at refineries. As the significance and potential of the organization became apparent, many other industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation, and even city firefighters, chose to join JOIFF. Built around the importance of hands-on training, JOIFF develops training procedures for firefighters and has expanded to accredit qualified training facilities that possess sufficient equipment and skilled trainers.