Tüpraş has been the sole Turkish company to be included in Bloomberg’s list of “50 Companies to Watch in 2022”

Tüpraş was included in Bloomberg’s 2022 Global Equality Index (GEI), thanks to its equality, diversity and inclusion efforts in the energy industry.

Tüpraş, the leading energy corporation of Turkey, has taken its place in Bloomberg Global Equality Index, one of the most comprehensive global gender equality indices, by achieving a successful performance in the field of gender equality. Inclusion of Tüpraş to the index will also make significant contributions to its long term efforts in extending the culture of inclusion, diversity and equality.

Data excellence of publicly listed companies that prepare reports under Bloomberg Global Equality is measured by performance across five pillars: Female leadership and talent, equal pay and gender parity, inclusive culture, anti-sexual harassment policies, and average score of pro-women brand. Companies that are rated higher than a certain score with their performance and transparency in these fields can be included to the index. The index, which is composed of 11 industries, includes 418 global companies from 45 countries and territories, including 7 Turkish companies.

“We work to create an inclusive business culture guided by our motto ‘Our Energy for Equality Never Ends’"

Stating that they are very proud to be included in “Bloomberg Global Equality Index” thanks to their exemplary works in gender equality, İbrahim Yelmenoğlu, General Manager of Tüpraş, said:”We believe that being included in this index will make great contributions to extend the inclusiveness, diversity and equality culture of our company. Creating an inclusive workplace hosting diversity with equal opportunities is an important goal of our sustainability agenda. Providing equal opportunities to all our colleagues in Tüpraş without any discrimination in terms of age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability, education and national origin is among our top priorities. We focus on implementing diversity, equality and inclusion policies, ensuring equality in the employment ratio of women and men at all levels, and increasing the employment of women and development opportunities for our women employees.

As Tüpraş, we know well that no profession has any specific sex, but the expert. We believe that the richness of combination of characteristics that make each individual unique and different is one of the greatest powers that will carry Tüpraş to the future. With this belief, we will carry on with our efforts by saying ‘Our Energy for Equality Never Ends’ and continue to produce the energy of today and tomorrow together with all our women and men colleagues.

“Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee will further extend its works in line with our policies”

As one of the signatories of United Nations’ Women Empowerment Principles since 2017, we continue to support gender equality in accordance with the pioneering works of our parent company, Koç Holding. We established Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee in 2021 in order to improve the concrete steps that we have taken since 2015. We will implement our policies throughout the year in order to transform the issue of diversity, equality and inclusion to a living culture in Tüpraş and we will present our actions to close monitoring of this committee. We aim to start our committee works with awareness trainings in order to ensure behavioral changes in Tüpraş for using languages, expressions and mind in accordance of our policies. Volunteer implementation ambassadors will also be selected to carry on this dissemination collectively.”

“One of every two employees that we will recruit will be a woman”

Highlighting that equal participation of women and men to work life and society is significant for sustainable development and economic and sociocultural development, Yelmenoğlu said, “We will take stronger steps to achieve equality in ratio of women and men in recruitment based on our goal”.

Explaining that they will continue to create value with their gender equality and woman employment activities, which were also part of the targets of the company’s 2050 Strategic Transformation Plan announced recently, Yelmenoğlu added, “Although 10 percent of our total employees is women as of today, this ratio increases to 30 percent in our offices. The representation ratio of women in our board of directors is 16.6 percent and our target for 2025 is 25 percent. 63 percent of our R&D department is composed of women. The ratio of our women employees in management levels is 26 percent. 52 percent of our talent pool is composed of our women employees and we continue on our activities with the aim to not to decrease this ratio to less than 50 percent. One of every two employees that we will recruit in future will be a woman.

Our first priority for the short term is to increase the number of our women employees and leaders in every level and position. We aim to see more women in executive positions and to facilitate every means, accordingly.

“We will increase the number of our women staff working in shifts”

Emphasizing that they have employed woman technicians and operators working in shifts at their production sites as a pioneering practice in refining industry, Yelmenoğlu said, “Woman operators and technicians have joined us, firstly in Batman three years ago and then in our İzmit, Kırıkkale and İzmir refinery sites. We have always had woman engineers until today, but employment of woman staff working in shifts on site was a pioneering and exemplary practice both for our industry and our company. We aim to increase the number of woman site staff, who work in shifts, expand the scope our project, and have women staff in the medium term in senior site positions”.

“We continue to work with all our energy to create awareness for empowering women in all aspects of life.”

Stating that they have undersigned a global collaboration with HeForShe Movement, Women Unit of United Nations, and Fenerbahçe Sports Club in order to create awareness for inclusion of women and girls in every aspect of the society in 2018 while acting with the principle of equality and inclusion at workplace, Yelmenoğlu said, “For this purpose, we published “Gender Euality Guide for Organizations” in 2021 as a roadmap for sports organizations to implement gender sensitive practices and support empowerment of women and girls with and in sports.”