Turkey’s innovation leader is also Tüpraş

Tüpraş received the first prize in the "Innovation Strategy" category during Innovation Week. The award was presented to Levent Çakıroğlu, the CEO of Koç Holding, by Ruhsar Pekcan, the Minister of Trade, and İsmail Gülle, the Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, in recognition of İnovaLİG, Turkey's first innovation development program.

The İnovaLİG Awards, a part of the Turkish Innovation Week jointly organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and IMP3rove Academy, an international management consultancy company, were presented to deserving recipients. Tüpraş, which consistently invests in innovation and technology in line with global trends, received the first prize in the "Innovation Strategy" category during the İnovaLİG Award Ceremony.

Levent Çakıroğlu, the CEO of Koç Holding, emphasized, "Business models are evolving rapidly due to advancements in digital technologies. Considering the changing expectations of consumers, existing business models cannot ensure future success. As Koç Group, we have implemented a comprehensive Digital Transformation Program to enhance our competitiveness and leverage technological developments effectively. Therefore, 'Innovation' is one of our strategic priorities. We aim for our companies to stand out with innovative products and services and strengthen their competitive advantages through our Innovation Program implemented across the entire Koç Group. Innovation is not limited to products and services for us; we continuously reconsider all our processes from an innovative perspective to enhance productivity. Our Group companies have received numerous awards during Innovation Week, and Tüpraş is working on projects that differentiate itself in its industry with innovative practices and solutions. Today's first prize in the 'Innovation Strategy' category is a testament to Tüpraş's innovative work culture and strategic approach to innovation, which supports its innovative and entrepreneurial environment, and it fills us with pride."

İbrahim Yelmenoğlu, the CEO of Tüpraş, expressed his pride in leading innovation as Turkey's largest industrial corporation, saying, "With the award we received today, which has brought us great joy, I am very proud to extend our leadership to the field of innovation. I sincerely thank all my colleagues who made a significant contribution to this success."

Yelmenoğlu continued, "As a technology and innovation-focused company, we support corporate entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship ecosystem with our innovative approach. We create value with our internal and external stakeholders. We holistically manage our corporate entrepreneurship, digital transformation, R&D, and open innovation strategies, igniting innovation processes for products, processes, and business models. Thus, our innovation strategy aligns with the core strategy of our company and contributes to our sustainability."