Uninterrupted Communication with ‘MobiWAN’ at Tüpraş Refineries

mobiWAN, a product of Mobius Labs and selected as one of the most innovative initiatives of 2021 by Time Magazine, is experienced at Tüpraş refineries. The technology that meets the requirement to communicate in a high-noise environment, in industrial plants, makes significant contributions to work safety.

Performing various projects for the works of today and tomorrow through entrepreneurship, innovation, open innovation, and start-up integration, Tüpraş continues to develop collaborations by experiencing innovative technologies of both local and foreign initiatives at its refineries. For this purpose, mobiWAN, a product of Mobius Labs, selected as one of the best inventions of 2021 by Time Magazine, is experienced at Izmit Refinery. The product that allows voice communication in a noisy environment uses technology based on the principle of transmitting voice through the jawbone. It is possible to talk and listen in highly noisy areas with this technology.

The device of mobiWAN, which can meet the need to communicate in noisy areas of industrial plants, was initially tested in Izmit Refinery in June 2022. It was also tested while using a safety full face mask that entirely covers the face and prevents voice communication. Although it is not possible to hear normal conversations due to the mask, the device has managed to transmit the conversations thanks to special sensors transmitting voice through the jawbone. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology used in the mobiWAN communication device, which can easily be integrated with a helmet due to its light structure, does not only offer a long battery life, but it also can be used with different devices, such as phones, radios, and Walkie Talkies. While refinery-specific development continues, plans are in place for Mobius Labs' to be used in operational processes within the year.

“It will make significant contributions to work safety, which is our fundamental value”

Stating that they uninterruptedly work to popularize innovation and an entrepreneurship climate throughout the entire company, support the cultural transformation, produce sustainable values from these works, and increase competence, Levent Zağra, Assistant General Manager of Tüpraş for Innovation, Investments, and Planning, said, “We actively continue our open innovation works to add value both to Tüpraş and entrepreneurs and to integrate with domestic and international entrepreneurship ecosystems. We aim to find innovative solutions for the company’s needs and achieve new areas of growth by following the latest technologies in accordance with energy transformation. We continuously scan through our large start-up pool, containing more than 15 thousand companies, and our domestic and international network. Our relevant units maintain different collaborations with entrepreneurs. MobiWAN is such a product that we want to include in our operations, and this product that offers uninterrupted communication under any condition will make significant contributions to work safety, which is our fundamental value.”