University Students Prepare for Business Life with “Tüpraş Nextremers” Program

Tüpraş introduces a real working environment experience to young talents while they are still students with the “Nextremers” program and prepares them for the professional business life by supporting their personal development.

The Nextremers program, which provides a real working environment experience while also supporting the personal development of university students, is implemented in Tüpraş Head Office and Izmit, Izmir, and Kırıkkale refineries. It is aimed to make the Nextremers program a part of talent management with two ads launched in 2 separate periods.

The program was designed for juniors and post-graduate students of universities, and 25 university students had the opportunity to gain professional work experience in Tüpraş refineries as a part of this program, the first application of which was initiated as of 1 July 2019.

The application process for the program’s second year started on 23 February 2020, and new applications will be received until March 15 through the ads and application links announced by the social media accounts of Tüpraş career opportunities. Nextremers students for the new term will begin their project student program at Tüpraş as of July 2020.

“We offer a real working experience to students beyond an internship experience,” said Ahmet Aksoy, Human Resources Director of Tüpraş, emphasizing that Nextremers was configured to offer workplace, industry, and working field experience for students, in which they can work happily in the future. He added, “We aim to provide a real working experience beyond an internship experience with this program. Nextremers project students work full time at Tüpraş during the summer season and for a minimum of 2 days a week during the academic semesters and experience a professional working environment. Our company is a large organization, in which students from any field of study can find reflections of what they have learned at school. With this program, we help students not only to work in departments regarding their areas of interest, but we also support them to see the entire picture by including them within current projects and trainings in different areas of work.”

Aksoy also emphasized that young talents have an opportunity to take part in innovation, digital transformation, sustainability, and refinery-related technical projects, which are carried out by joint efforts of different departments. He added: “Our students have an opportunity to present their ideas to senior management by taking a part in the innovation and internal entrepreneurship teams, perform various efforts with our data analytic teams for digital transformation projects, and create sustainable business ideas. They also work in technical departments of our Head Office and refineries and gain significant experience and knowledge.

Our young friends, which we call Nextremers, meet the qualifications of the future and prepare themselves for the future at Tüpraş, becoming a member of a family that is composed of innovative teams working passionately in an inclusive working environment of the largest corporation in Turkey.”

Aksoy also provided information about the campus strategy of Tüpraş and said, “As a part of our sustainable HR strategy, we aim for Tüpraş to be a company that is well known in universities, too. We determine our annual campus strategy in accordance with our Nextremers plan and we try to reach the best talents and future candidates of Nextremers while they are still students and in school campuses. We attend presentations, case studies, and lessons and we make ourselves more visible on campuses.”

Young students are trained in a pleasant environment with events organized both inside and outside the refinery.

Many different events are organized both within and outside the refineries as a part of the Nextremers program. In addition to Orientation Camp and Leaders Coffee events organized within the refineries, to which members of senior management of Tüpraş have participated too, “One Day within ITU Data Analytics Center” and Engineering Case Camp” were organized for Nextremers students to develop projects.

You can reach the social media accounts of career opportunities at Tüpraş by following the links below and make your application.