Wabtec Completes Locomotive Deliveries to Turkey’s Körfez Ulaştırma, the logistics affiliate of Tüpraş

Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) completed delivery of five diesel-electric PowerHaul® series locomotives to Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş., the subsidiary of Turkey’s largest refinery Tüpraş operating in railway transportation.

Körfez Ulaştırma is the first private operator in Turkey to make such a purchase since the government began issuing licenses to use its mainlines two years ago. The locomotives will provide faster and more efficient transport of products between Tüpraş refineries and related fuel terminals.

“We have been working to increase the speed and productivity of our logistics as we expand our operations,” said Tufan Başarır, General Manager for Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş. “Now that we have five powerful new locomotives added to our fleet, we are able to move goods between Tüpraş Refineries and the fuel terminals more efficiently and better meet our customers’ needs.”

The PowerHaul series is a top-performing mid-weight locomotive, compliant with EU Stage IIIa emissions and TSI interoperability standards. It is equipped with a technologically advanced 16-cylinder 3,700 HP PowerHaul P616 engine with common-rail fuel injection. The locomotive can achieve maximum power output, while providing an 18-percent reduction in fuel consumption. It also has improved reliability and tractive effort with high-performance AC traction-control technology and individual axle-control.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Turkey that will continue beyond the delivery of these new locomotives,” said Gökhan Bayhan, Russia / CIS / Middle East and North Africa Regional General Manager for Wabtec. “With the locomotives in operation, Wabtec will be providing service support and technical expertise to maximize performance throughout their lifecycle.”

The diesel electric locomotives were built by TÜLOMSAŞ, Wabtec’s strategic regional business partner, at its plant in Eskisehir, Turkey. TÜLOMSAŞ produces Wabtec’s PowerHaul locomotives for the European, Middle Eastern and North African markets. Under the partnership agreement, Wabtec provides leading technology and design, while TÜLOMSAŞ provides local manufacturing, assembly and final testing.

"The delivery of these first-class locomotives is an important milestone," said Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ. "At TÜLOMSAŞ, we are supporting the production of the cutting-edge locomotives on the basis of our knowledge, qualified workforce, and skills." Mr. Avcı also expressed that the production of locomotives contributes to the strengthening of the subsidiary industry and creates a real added value for the national economy.

Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş., TÜLOMSAŞ, and Wabtec originally announced the order for these locomotives in September 2018 at the InnoTrans. The deliveries double the size of Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş.’s fleet, which consisted of five leased locomotives.

About Wabtec Corporation

Wabtec Corporation is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions and value-added services for freight and transit rail. Drawing on nearly four centuries of collective experience across Wabtec, GE Transportation and Faiveley Transport, the company has unmatched digital expertise, technological innovation, and world-class manufacturing and services, enabling the digital-rail-and-transit ecosystems. Wabtec is focused on performance that drives progress, creating transportation solutions that move and improve the world. The freight portfolio features a comprehensive line of locomotives, software applications and a broad selection of mission-critical controls systems, including Positive Train Control (PTC). The transit portfolio provides highly-engineered systems and services to virtually every major rail transit system around the world, supplying an integrated series of components for buses and all train-related market segments that deliver safety, efficiency and passenger comfort. Along with its industry-leading portfolio of products and solutions for the rail and transit industries, Wabtec is a leader in mining, marine and industrial solutions. Wabtec has approximately 27,000 employees in facilities throughout the world. Visit the company’s new website at: www.WabtecCorp.com.

About Tüpraş (Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.Ş.)

Operating four oil refineries with a total of 30 million tons annual crude oil processing capacity, Tüpraş is the first and largest producer in Turkey’s refining sector and largest industrial enterprise of the country. Tüpraş has a subsidiary in sea transportation - Ditaş, a subsidiary in railway transportation - KUAŞ (Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş.) and an affiliate in fuel oil distribution sector - Opet.

As Europe's 7th largest refining company, Tüpraş serves as an integrated oil company with distribution, shipping, railway and trading arms. 49% of shares are traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Tüpraş supplies 45 different types of petroleum products in Turkey. Tüpraş customer portfolio has a wide range including transportation fuel, LPG, bunker fuel and mineral oil distribution firms, petrochemical industry, paint industry and various state entities

About Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Tüpraş, Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş. is the first private train operator in Turkey and was founded to grow transportation of Tüpraş loads by rail and grow further in rail freight market so that it plays a vital role in increasing rail freight transport volume and share of Turkey. With a total of 439 owned wagons, as well as some rented wagons from the market and five diesel locomotives leased from TCDD (Turkish State Railways), Körfez Ulaştırma A.Ş. started railway operations in December 2017.

About TÜLOMSAŞ (Türkiye Lokomotif ve Motor Sanayi A.Ş.)

TÜLOMSAŞ, the only locomotive supplier in Turkey, has a longstanding and vast experience in manufacturing and maintenance. The facility opened in 1894 as a maintenance and repair workshop for locomotives. As an affiliated company of the Turkish State Railways, TÜLOMSAŞ has been responding to all the locomotive and wagon needs of Turkey for more than a century. Throughout the years it has developed into a heavy industrial player as well as the biggest and most modern locomotive and freight car manufacturer in the Middle East and the Balkans. TÜLOMSAŞ gained a new identity in 1986 as the Turkish Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. Today, TÜLOMSAŞ fulfills the locomotive and freight car needs of TCDD, the Turkish State Railways, and other organizations in Turkey, while increasing its competitiveness in the global market through exports. As of today, TÜLOMSAŞ has manufactured 900 locomotives, 650 diesel engines, and 11,000 freight cars. With an annual production capacity of more than 100 locomotives, 1,500 bogie freight cars, and 100 various types of diesel engines, TÜLOMSAŞ can be regarded as the locomotive of the Turkish heavy industry. Based in Eskisehir, TÜLOMSAŞ employs 1,500 people. Detailed info www.tulomsas.com.tr.